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A Quantum Coach is a coach that is using the quantum energy and its vibrational state to induce change in the life of a person or a group. With an expanded consciousness, the quantum coach is able to get access to specific information related to a person or a group that is engrained in their body and DNA and provide this information to the person or group to support their conscious shift. The quantum coach is bringing the unconscious reality and information around the person or the group to a more conscious reality. Once the information is brought to consciousness to a person, the change can occur. By combining coaching technics, Neuro-linguistic technics, hypnosis, emotional therapy technics and intuition, the quantum coach will identify with the person or the group the road-blocker, the limiting beliefs, the conditioning and the traumas that are the source of the limitation in the life of a person or a group and give access to those information, for the person to decide for a different life, behavior and outcome. Together, the coach and the person will define new neuronal pathway to get rid of road blockers and to reprogram the brain of the person to allow magic to happen and the life to fall into place as the person desire. The whole process happens while being conscious although the person may not remember all the details afterwards as the creation of new neuronal pathways happen generally in replacement of old and defective neuronal pathways. The person can become exactly the person she want to be and she can develop new abilities, new habit, new positive behavior and get everything she wants in life. She can align with who she want to be and change what she is not willing to keep. Everything become possible.

To become a Quantum coach, you will first need to learn the foundation in the Modul ALIGN. In this first module, you will learn:
- how to be more conscious and present
- how to raise your vibrational state
- how to free yourself from your mind
- how to align with your soul
- how to respect and listen to your body
- how to get grounded
- how to listen to the other truly
- how to develop your empathy 
- how to use the words and gesture to create changes in others...etc.
- You will also learn how to connect to the direct information field of energy and use your intuition. 

Once you will have acquire the foundation, it will be time to EXPAND ( module 2). You will learn and develop different techniques to read the body, mind and soul of  others and you will learn how to coach individuals by accessing all kind of information that are energetic, psychologic, vibrational, emotional, psychic that they need to be aware of in order to induce changes into their life. 

If you wanna go further, the third module, the module  RISE is for you. You will learn how to create collective change in a group and expand your energetic potential ability to impact positively a community in order to awaken consciousness and participate to a new humanity. 

Finally, if you want to learn how to navigate from one paradigm to another and take your life to a new level of creativity and co-creation, I invite you to embark with me into the module INSPIRE, for a world tour with me, during one year with a small group of selected co-creators.

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