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Module ALIGN

Give me 8 weeks….

…and together, we will develop and expand your ability to coach others towards success and changes into their life using vibrational state, energy, intuition and other coaching technics to guide others towards positive changes into their life.


In this module, you will learn:

- how to be more conscious and present

- how to raise your vibrational state

- how to free yourself from your mind

- how to align with your soul

- how to respect and listen to your body

- how to get grounded

- how to listen to the other truly

- how to develop your empathy

-  how to use your intuition

- how to use the words and gesture to create changes in others

- how to connect to the direct information field of energy 


The module will be provided online, with 8 weekly teaching sessions of 90 min each Thursday from 18h00 to 19h30. Personal work is recommended between each session to assimilate all teachings, and the group will receive multiple insights and guidance during the week to ensure learning through a telegram group coaching and exchange between learners.


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