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    Give me 3 months….

…and together we will accelerate your growth and deepen your knowledge and ability you have discovered during the ALIGN module with personal experimentation and real coaching and teachings practices. I am an adept of learning by doing and I will guide you in your practice until you feel comfortable coaching people:

- to help them define their goals,

- to create a new path to achieve what they want in life,  

to resolve any major issues they are facing and develop new habits and positive changes into their life


What you will also learn is to cement your foundation and create your own personal practice to thrive in life and be a guide for others. You will gain self-confidence, clarity and connection to your true calling.


The module will be provided online, with weekly group coaching sessions of 90 min during 3 months on Monday evening from 18h00 to 19h30. The group coaching will be divided in two parts: 1) teachings and 2) 1 to 1 coaching session done by the students with teacher supervision in front of the group.


Between each weekly session, the students will have to do one coaching exchange with another person of the group and share difficulties they may face with the group in order to accelerate growth of the entire group. this concept of Coach the Coach create amazing acceleration learning and coaching abilities.  Personal work is also recommended between each session to assimilate all teachings, and the group will receive multiple insights and guidance during the week to ensure learning through a telegram group coaching and exchange between learners.


 Learn and develop a methodology and different techniques to coach individuals by accessing information that are energetic, psychologic, vibrational, emotional, psychic.
The idea is to be able at the end of the module to have the ability to induce changes that the individual wants to operate into their life, using coaching methodologies, intuition and connection to the direct field of information to expand traditional coaching abilities. 



this is not only about a methodology but more about an attitude and an expansion to create a vision: expand to learn how to open your heart to receive the other person completely to truly create magic and miracles in your life and life of others. Shift and expand to let the divine truly take place. 

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