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This is an impactful group coaching that aim at resolving issues you encounter in life. You will be invited to join the bubble check to start with and then join one of the specific path, depending on your needs. On a regular basis, we encourage you to meet the coach in the Bubble check to follow up on your progress and adjust your path if necessary. With the monthly subscription, you can join one group at a time. With the yearly subscription, you can navigate the different paths, one at a time. Bubble check are for everyone and proposed once a week during 1 hour and 30 minutes. Each other bubbles will be each offered on a weekly basis too, during 1 hour and 30 minutes. We recommend you to participate weekly to the bubble vheck and your chosen bubble path and to join for at least 3 months in a row to see and implement significant and long lasting changes into your life.  Group are limited to a maximum of 15 participants to ensure that you will get a personal coaching during the session and follow up on your goals by the coach. Specific paths will be offered as of 2 participants. It is recommended to join one path at a time to ensure focus and achievement. With regular weekly attendance in the group, you will see amazing shift happening into your life and a fantastic boost in the realization of your dream life. 




In this bubble, you will identify area of your life you want to work on to become happier and aligned with the life you desire. With the coach, you will  clarify your goals and opt for the bubble that is the most adapted to your needs and you will then track your progress along the coaching path.



Relationship in the inner circle of our family are not always easy: parent in law that are driving us crazy, jealousy of sibblings, difficult relationsnips with teenagers, overwhelming feeling with new born,  finding new balance with change in life such as becoming parents, getting married, divorced or simply getting out of the routine. quantum coaching will help you to sort out issues you are facing and find peace, harmony, love and pleasure with your family. 


Whether you need help to change job, get promoted in your business, create your own company, find purpose or simply get at ease and feel competent and satisfied in your work environment, this bubble will allow you to thrive in your business environment and get the success and purpose you were always dreaming about. 


We all encompass growth in a different way and often face the same type of challenge: fear of change, lack of motivation, procrastination. lack of time. Getting new perspectives and unblocking the false believe that forbid us to grow are essential for us to fulfill our need to learn  with more purpose and to find a way to connect to our true potential. 


Living together in a society, at work, in our neighborhood or community is sometimes source of conflicts. Finding a way to have peaceful and positive relationships, learn how change in communication or energy can turn out a toxic relationship into a peaceful one is a  key element to a more joyful and serene life. solving conflicts and building better relationships will give you more time for your dreams. 



finding love, getting into a long lasting relationship, accepting different love path, understanding and managing different phase and love behavior as well as finding true well being joy and satisfaction in sexuality is achievable and quantum coaching can help you to overcome your traumas, wrong beliefs and get the love relationships that will render you happy and satisfied. 


As you will regain freedom and empowerment into your life, you will become your  authentic self and you will be able to create the life you have always dreamed about. this is what this bubble is about. 



Being physically and mentally healthy is a prerequisite to happiness and serenity in life. As you go in life, you may need coaching to get more energy, heal depression, manage your stress level, get the apperance you feel comfortable with, manage pain and improve your phisical and mental performance. Quantum coaching can provide fantastic help to embrace change in health area. 


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As life is summoning us with constraints and obligation, as we became adult, we loose track of our spontaneity and joy and one day we realize that life has lost its taste. The good news is that joy has not left you. With a couple of coaching, you will be able to reconnect to it and see your life again with the eyes of your inner child. This bubble aim at bringing the giggles and laughs back into your life.  


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How do you contribute to society and how could you bring more purpose into your life. Some people speak about life mission. Our need to contribute is necessary to our well being and sense of existence. With quantum coaching, we will help you to take the veil of and discover your soul desire. 

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