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Choose what fit your needs: group or individual, punctual or recurring, general or specific, it is up to you. It is flexible, powerful and a life changing experience.


Individual coaching or group coaching, both have significant advantages and can bring the solution you need to become who you want to be and what you want out of life. Group coaching provide the mirror effect from others and support of the community in time of challenge. Individual Coaching session allow us to go deeper in one specific topic you may have and resolve the challenge more quickly. Choose the formula that meets your needs.


INDIVIDUAL SHIFT COACHING : One goal, one shift 

You want to get some punctual help to shift as regard to one identified challenges you have in your life. This formula allows you to modify structures of your subconscious mind that create that specific challenge you are facing. You can choose your coach and even change as you wish. Each person have a specific energy that will help you to attain your goal. Check each profile and choose the best coach for you. For punctual help, opt for one session.


INDIVIDUAL THRIVE COACHING: Shift one area of your life

You want to get some intensive help to shift as regard to one identified area in your life where you experience challenges. This formula allows you to modify structures of your subconscious mind related to the area of your life you want to improve that create specific challenges. Booking a combo of 3 or 5 hours deep coaching sessions with one coach to ensure a real shift in your life area and bring you closer to your dream life. 



A Coaching Platform to step into your real you, meet like minded people and grow together, experiencing a conscious collective shift. You will get guidance and support on how to live a better life, manage conflicts and challenge and attend to your needs. The coaching conference will provide collective healings on common issues and help you to become more conscious of your surviving strategies and quiet your mind, to allow you to implement your dreams at your own rhythm with the support of the group and teaching of the coaches.
You can choose to join for one session, one month or more, depending on your needs. It is coaching as you go.



The magic of the group can do miracle. Another way to transform yourself and live magic moments with like minded people is to regroup in a small group and grow together on your path towards more consciousness. Generic or thematic, you choose the group that resonate with your current challenge. From one month to another, you can change group and explore different paths. Those groups are limited to 15 participants to allow conscious weekly work and deep long lasting progress for every member of the group and follow up on defined goals to ensure growth and transformation. You will be amazed of the impact of such coaching group and the connection and deep relationships you will be able to build through this experience. Monthly and yearly  subscriptions only. 



This academy is teaching enlightenment and empowerment through quantum teaching. Whether you seek for deeper knowledge and self-realization, higher vibratory state of consciousness or wish to become a quantum coach, this academy is designed for you.

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