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About Ann-Ael 

My name is Ann-Ael Goater


Life is about being free and in charge of what we want to experience in total integrity with our true self, connected to love, joy and gratitude. 

I had my first breakthrough in 2015 after I realized that most of our decisions and behaviors are driven by our subconscious mind. I started then a long journey to find a way to change all my limiting beliefs, conditionings and negative behaviors and heal my traumas. My goal was to become really in charge of my life, aligned with what I truly wanted. Along this journey, I was trained and certified in several areas such as  hypnotherapist (national guild of Hypnotists, US), emotional therapist ( "the Journey" from Brandon Bays, US), coach (working at "Heureux dans sa vie" with Maxime Gréau, France),  neuro linguistic programming practitioner ( NLP practitioner from Kikidan, in Germany, Chris Mulzer) and more recently I became intuitive therapist

( Ecole de therapie intuitive ETI of Cecile Calichon, France).  

I had my first awakening experience in India in 2020. This is when my life started to unfold at an amazing speed. A burn out, a move of country with my three kids, a divorce, an house acquisition and complete renovation,  the creation of my dream life, the opening of all my extra sensory perceptions thanks to the ETI, a new professional activity, my own company... I learned how to co-create the reality I want to live in.  Through this journey, I learned to love myself and to be connected to others and to the Source. I learned what unconditional love means. I also learned what it means to be free and empowered. I  found my purpose which is to teach and guide others to do the same; to find out who they truly are, to open up to something bigger, to awaken and to free themselves from any limitations and get the life they are dreaming about. 

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Book a personnal coaching session



         SHIFT: One goal, one shift

You want to get some punctual help to shift as regard to one identified challenge you have in your life. This formula allows you to modify structures of your subconscious mind that create that specific challenge you are facing. You can choose your coach and even change as you wish. Each person have a specific energy that will help you to attain your goal.


members with yearly or monthly Shift-Conscious subscription (SCS) get a discount.

Price per session:

150 euros for non member

120 euros for SCS members



THRIVE: Shift one area of your life

You want to get some intensive help to shift as regard to one identified area in your life where you experience challenges. This formula allows you to modify structures of your subconscious mind related to the area of your life you want to improve that create specific challenges. Booking a combo of 3 or 5 hours deep coaching sessions to ensure a real shift in your life area and bring you closer to your dream life. 



members with yearly or monthly Shift-Conscious subscription (SCS) get a discount.

3 sessions: 420 euros / SCS Member:330 euros

5 sessions: 600 euros / SCS Members 500 euros


RESET DAY: one day to get a new life


You want to reset your life and start new with a intensive shift in several areas of your life to become the best version of yourself. This formula is made for you and will definitely transform you for good and give you access to your dreams in a record time.   This will allow you to modify structures of your sub- conscious mind permanently and get the right attitudes, erase any negative beliefs, heal traumas and adopt new habits for success.  Give yourself what you deserve, to ensure a unique reset and new start in an extraordinary future. Take the right step to change and finally get what you truly want.


Members with yearly or monthly Shift Conscious subscription (SCS) get a discount.

Reset Day: 900 euros

Reset day for SCS members: 800 euros

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