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Shape your Reality and Live your true Destiny


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​      The good news is that you can get all your wish and all your needs fulfilled.  I created Shift Conscious to empower you to get what you want and shift your life to the next level. My goal is to help you  to become who you wanna be and get what ever you are dreaming about.  With my team, through personalized and/or group coaching sessions as you choose, we will guide you towards your true potential and we will show you how to get all your needs fulfilled,  create the life you desire, heal your traumas and overcome the challenges that are holding you back from reaching your full potential and get truly happy. Let's embark on this transformative journey together and choose the formula that best suits your needs: Conference, Group or Individual Coaching, seminars, academy



Our Coaching offerings:

The diversity of our offers is there to respond to all your needs and take into account your uniqueness  to guide you to achieve all your goals and transformation at your own rhythm. You keep the freedom of choice and flexibility of the programs depending on the challenges you are facing and time you can dedicate to your personal development.

Conscious Coaching




This is more than a conference. through teachings, energetic healing and quantum coaching,  transformation will occur for the group on shared theme such as self confidence, security, performance, love, creativity, relationships, etc.. 

Shift Coaching Bubbles






This coaching will be proposed in exclusive limited group (max 15 persons). We will work on the problematic you are facing within the group,  and solve them together.

individual Quantum Coaching






Choose a coach and change your life. Individual session are super powerful. They are very complementary to the group coaching. This is a booster to get the life you desire.

Quantum Coaching Academy




Become a quantum coach and learn how to guide other to shift their life for better, using quantum energy to induce shift in consciousness.


No events at the moment


Quantum coaching is a breakthrough coaching that allow people to change whatever they want in their life in a very quick and smooth way. With quantum coaching, individuals bring back to consciousness all the unconscious issues and false believes and are able to change their mindset and find their true calling. They can resolve any road blockers to get the life they are dreaming about. Quantum coaching is a new technique of coaching that combine energetic, therapeutic, psychologic and neuro-linguistic programming as well as intuition to obtain amazing outcomes and shift in the life of people. Results are quick, extraordinary and easy to get. With Quantum Coaching, depending on the goals you will set for yourself, you will be able to get a new job, start your own company, resolve conflict and litigations, get the relationship you are dreaming about, find harmony, get the achievements you never thought possible and become successful, loose weight, become famous, become rich, play a new instrument, learn new skills, get rid of anger or jealousy, move on in your life, get at ease with changes or speaking in public, make new friends, find true love, stop smoking, heal from sadness, depression or burn-out, solve conflicts with your beloved, freinds and colleagues, become respected, have profound self-love, free yourself from guilt, fears, or anything else you want to see happening in your life. The only limits are those of your imagination. Quantum Coaching is like installing a new upgrade of your system, to get rid of any bugs you are experiencing. As long as you do want to change, the quantum coach will give you access to the right information in your system and propose some key to resolve what you need to implement those changes in your life. Each member of the team including myself, changed radically one or several areas of their life to co-create the life we were dreaming about. We decided to become quantum coaches and created this platform to allow as many people as possible to do their own shift. Change were so extraordinary in our life that we wanted to help others to change their life the way we did with our own destiny. As we understand that we are all unique and have different way to learn and develop, we have defined a platform with various offerings that should offer enough opportunities for you to find the one that suits you the most. You will find individual coachings, group coachings, one time session, monthly and yearly subscriptions, academy to become a coach, session to work on your limitation, general topics, specific paths to free yourself and progress in specific areas of your life where you struggle, events and seminars, as well as retreats to go deeper into the learning ans shift experience. There is no reason to suffer or feel limited. We know it is possible to change anything. We experienced it and if we have done it, you can also do it. We are sharing our knowledge and tools with anyone willing to find its own truth and potential. we will guide you towards more freedom and empowerment into your life and you will see your dream becoming your reality. We want any person to build his dream life and find his way towards love and abundance, joy and freedom, as only together, we will be able to create a beautiful new world and new divine humanity, connected, loving and free.


Our Team.

We are all like a big family, eager to change the world for better and help anyone to shift towards a better life and develop its own potential. Although we are all coaches and using intuition and extra sensorial abilities to coach, we are all unique and we have our own specific energy that come into resonance with others.  We also have our own preferred topics and specific secret knowledge and tools that make each coaching unique and tailored to what you need. So, let your intuition guide you towards the coach/coaches that will resonate the most with you. 

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